Crowdsourcing Transforms Sales Lead Generation

Crowdsourcing has the potential to transform many parts of your business. One start-up has developed an exchange between marketers who want to attract high-potential sales leads and “bounty hunters” who know these people. The marketer offers a “bounty” for the people he wants to attract; bounty hunters make the connection and receive it as compensation.

The process for finding qualified leads on the platform is fairly straightforward. First, the business looking to have a conversation with a potential lead creates a post, including a number of questions that it needs answered to qualify the lead. Then, they offer a “bounty” that bounty hunters can earn for successfully creating an introduction. The bounty hunter sends the post to a potential lead, the lead contacts the post owner, and if it seems to be a good fit, the business pays the reward to the bounty hunter.

Both bounty hunters and businesses have an interest in practicing good behavior. There is incentive for businesses to pay for good leads – even the unsuccessful ones — because not all leads result in a sale and their reputation will suffer if they don’t. Bounty hunters, likewise, are incentivized to only send posts to credible leads because they want to be rated as highly as possible so that businesses will invite them to engage.

The article consludes that represents a way for a company to identify high-quality sales prospects. It also illustrates the need to think broadly about each aspect of an organization’s operations, and how one could potentially benefit from adopting a crowdsourcing model.

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