Reflective Design and Marketing

Design thinking is an amalgamation of three aspects of design – visceral, behavioral and reflective. This trifecta comes into immediate play whenever we decide to buy a product or solution, be it for business or personal use. This article explains the three concepts and how to incorporate them into our marketing.

The first aspect, Visceral, is all about how an object looks – its colors, contours and shapes and how we feel it fits into our sense of aesthetics. This is the “wow!” factor when we see and hold a remarkably-designed object.

Behavioral thinking on the other hand is all about usability – how easy is it to use, learn and adapt or integrate it with my other workflows. Good behavioral design tends focus on understanding and satisfying the needs of users.

Reflective thinking is about the meaning we give to a product or a service that is a statement about our own self-image to the greater society. Reflective thinking often encompasses the relationship that a brand creates with its users.

The article uses software company 37Signals as an example of these three types of thinking in action. It is not only a SaaS (Software as a Service) company but also represents a movement involving a certain class of people. By using their project management software, Basecamp, you present to the world the image that you love minimalism, productivity and that you value effectiveness over efficiency.

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