The 3 Leadership Habits of Innovation Heroes

Forbes columnist recently asked Scott Anthony, managing partner of Innosight, Clayton Christensen’s consulting firm, to reflect on the leadership attributes of companies that innovate in Asia. Anthony’s answers make an interesting comparison to the qualities of leaders in the U.S. and Europe and the ways in which they make decisions.

The first quality of successful Asian leaders is long-term thinking, instead of being driven by the next quarter’s earnings, as many firms in the States are prone to do. A long-term vision and the determination to see it through distinguish the most innovative and successful companies in Asia. This isn’t just a popular stereotype, Anthony says – it’s real and it’s effective.

Second, Asian executives cultivate a global outlook. They are entering other developing markets – and they spend time in other markets. Many have spent school time in the west, for example, but if not they make sure they get direct experience.  And they are attempting to create a blend of East-West cultures.

Finally, Asian leaders tend to lack market-induced humility, the ability to moderate their behavior, strategy or outlook in the light of market surprises. This lack of experience with the market makes them overconfident compared to western leaders. These three qualities, Anthony warns, when combined with creativity, could make many large Asian companies formidable competitors in the years ahead.

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