Three Companies More Innovative Than Apple

Apple’s popularity is certainly attractive to most investors, since fame generally leads to massive sales and profits, which, in turn, help propel share prices higher. But popularity is hardly an objective measuring stick. In this article, author Louis Basenese, takes a closer look at more quantifiable aspects of innovation and concludes: the truth is in the patents.

In today’s highly competitive global market, any talk about innovation must include patents. They represent the means by which companies protect key technologies and their competitive advantage.

Of course, when it comes to patents, quantity certainly isn’t everything. After all, not all patents are created equal. Some are old, some are defensive in nature, meaning they were filed in an effort to prevent competitors from being able to develop the same technology, and some are just plain obsolete. Not to mention, while some patents can produce upwards of $1 billion in licensing fees, others might never generate a single penny.

So to more accurately determine how innovative a company is, we need to verify the quality of its patents. In this sense, MDB Capital Group’s key patent metrics (the PV Tech Score, the PV Tech Isolation Score and PV Three-Year Application CAGR Score) provide a great example of how a innovation portfolio’s value can be calculated, and how, by some measures, there are actually three companies that are more innovative than Apple.

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