What Innovators Can Learn from Artists

Andy Warhol once said “Good business is the best art.” Lately, a number of business thinkers and leaders have begun to embrace the arts as an integral part of the human enterprise that ought to be woven into the fabric of every business. Like artists, innovators must develop a mindset and cultivate creative habits in order to see the world afresh and create something new.

How do artists think and behave? Here are traits any individual aspires to make his or her mark on the world would do well to emulate:

Artists are “neophiles.” They are in love with novelty and have an insatiable appetite for finding and creating new connections, for inventing and reinventing, even themselves. Art means changing the meaning of things or creating new meanings. That’s exactly what innovation is all about.

Artists are humanists. They are experts of the “human condition” and observe human desires, needs, emotions, and behavior with a sharp, discerning eye and a high degree of empathy. The following article contains another 10 ways in which innovators can emulate artists to stimulate creative breakthroughs.

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