New Learning Programs Provide Comprehensive Knowledge on How to Manage Innovation

We are proud to introduce a new series of sponsored learning programs that bring you even more knowledge and inspiration on how to increase the innovation capabilities in your organization. These programs are created in collaboration with leading service and knowledge providers and will focus on bringing you the latest information, tools, methods and deeper insights to help you manage your innovation portfolio.

IM Learning Programs are sponsored by and created in collaboration with experts with cutting-edge knowledge and experience in their respective topic fields. This gives you access to even more in-depth knowledge through a number of different components. Our quarterly programs will provide you with a series of articles on a specific theme, including information and links to tools, white papers, etc. In parallel we will also run a number of yearly programs from chosen thought leaders, including: in-depth guides, live web sessions, opportunities to connect with the experts, and more.

The articles included in the sponsored learning programs will be easily recognizable by a stamp that differentiates them from other types of content on our site. We will provide information on the recommended audience, whether for beginner, intermediate or advanced practitioners in the field of innovation management. The information also indicates if the content is applicable mainly for small and medium sized organizations or larger ones.

The sponsored learning programs have a structure that follows a proven concept developed by to ensure maximum engagement with the audience. By introducing these programs we take another step in the direction of becoming a full-fledged learning center. Our ambition remains:  to educate, enrich, “broaden horizons” and facilitate access to expertise from all around the world.


  • Vimi Jain

    Sounds great! When will you be launching this program?