Introducing ThinkTank – the “future-thinkers’ corner”

It gives us great pleasure to introduce ThinkTank - a new section at This fresh resource on our website comprises essential articles and discussions to help you, the innovation specialist of tomorrow, prepare for imminent disruptions in your sector. We look forward to receiving your reactions and wish you happy reading.

At InnovationManagement we are advocates of timely and reliable information. Over the years we have taken it upon ourselves to curate and disseminate essential facts and developments to help you become better at managing a new product, service or business creation and marketing.  From specialized articles and e-newsletter updates to exclusive expert panel discussions and other IM Channel One broadcasts, you, our follower were invited to stay up to date with the most effective means of increasing your innovation capacities.

Having a complete understanding of the current state and evolution of the markets can only take us so far – sometimes we need to step back from the rush of the day-to-day activities and take a different perspective. To remain competitive, we need to look beyond the “here and now” and learn to tackle the future in a (similarly) structured way.

Recognizing this need, InnovationManagement is launching “ThinkTank” – a brand new section comprising essential articles and discussions about the future of innovation and technology as seen through the eyes of acclaimed thought leaders in the field. We wish you happy reading and hope you will find inspiration, get stimulated to implement new things and train your foresight.  After all, “the best way to predict the future is to create it” (Peter Drucker).

  • Luiz Lunkes

    Great section!

  • Ellia Ryan

    Thank you, peeps! Looks like it will be a fantastic resource.

  • Robert Pearson

    Great website and place to spend some time!

  • Trond Bugge

    Thanks for pioneering the combined space of Foresight & Innovation. Great work!