Facebook: How it Can be Used for Innovation Efforts

Facebook Pages allow businesses and brands to connect with any Facebook users, who must click on “like” button on a Page to access the information provided and to have the ability to make comments on the Page. This makes it an excellent medium to hear the unvarnished opinions of customers, promote your innovation events and network with other practitioners.

Stefan Lindegaard says Facebook is a very good place to listen to your customers. While it is probably unwise to base product development decisions solely on input from Facebook users who have “liked” your Page, this forum does give you a way to hear the unvarnished opinions of consumers, viewpoints that aren’t guided by questions asked in a focus group, for example.

If your company uses a web-based tool for running crowdsourcing events, you can alert your customers to new campaigns using your Facebook page. You can invite your Facebook community to the event and track RSVPs. And you don’t even have to have a corporate Facebook Page to alert people to an event your company is having. Any user can use the “Create Event” function to alert their Facebook friends of an event.

Lindegaard also shares several tips on how to use Facebook to support your company’s innovation efforts. For example, he recommends that you keep your Facebook page as open as possible, allowing customers to post comments and videos to your page. This may result in some negative comments appearing on your Page, but negative comments enable you to interact with aggrieved consumers and create a dialogue that may be productive. It is impossible to say you want to be open and then turn around and limit people’s ability to interact with you via social media.

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