How Mid-Sized Companies Innovate

Chief executives of mid-size companies face different challenges when it comes to innovation than do the CEOs of startups, on one hand, and leaders of large multinationals, on the other. The following articles details the inspiring stories of four leaders that managed to address their innovation dilemmas while continuing to foster and grow their existing businesses.

CEOs of startups are focused almost exclusively on scaling up a new technology and their entrepreneurial organizations are still relatively simple. On the other end of the spectrum, bigger companies, boast established R&D divisions, often with large budgets, and well-understood innovation channels and processes. CEOs of those companies don’t lose sleep over what is happening in their labs.

But the guys in the middle—particularly those outside the rarefied airs of Silicon Valley in the real economy—face more ambiguous challenges when it comes to innovating. How do they allocate time and money to new ideas at the same time that they are striving to build an existing business? And how do they do more than innovate with their products, but also branch into new services, discover new business models, adopt business process innovations and, in general, keep up the pace of innovation on all fronts?

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