Design Thinking Starts At The Top

Any business can commit to successful design thinking. Even Wal-Mart has dabbled with it. The key, according to John Miziolek, is that the CEO must be focused on identifying, developing, and deploying innovations that lead to real competitive advantage. Design thinking leads to that future.

Even though design thinking requires participation from many different sectors of a business, there is no question that this is an initiative that has to be led and implemented from the very top by a management committed to the process. Unless there is a strong figure there to properly determine what shape design thinking will ultimate take, there will be no firm direction and there will be no significant follow-through.

The problem is that many CEOs tend to get caught up in other issues, such as meeting the quarter’s financial targets, enhancing the brand and creating a culture where everyone gives their best. But Miziolek points out that these are ultimately irrelevant if the CEO hasn’t figured out how to invent the company’s future.

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  • Stephen Sweid

    Needs to be tested and proven first! Still an assumption!