The Future State of Open Innovation

What is the future of open innovation? Is it diminishing in importance as a branch of innovation? Are corporate innovators moving on to other forms of collaborative work? What are those potential forms? Open innovation expert Stefan Lindegaard answers these and other questions in a new post on his blog.

Lindegaard believes that the future winners of innovation will be those that make virtual communities work. This is a natural development of the physical ecosystems that drove open innovation at its earlier stages. Platform innovation, which can be used internally as well as externally, will be a powerful element of community-driven innovation.

Further, Lindegaard cautions practitioners from getting caught up in semantics. It doesn’t matter if companies actually call it “open innovation” or not. What’s most significant is how companies get more external input into their innovation processes in order to bring better innovation to market faster. He expects that use of the buzzword of open innovation will gradually decline, replaced by an expanded understand of innovation that will have a much higher degree of external input to it.

What should innovation leaders do to prepare for this evolution? Lindegaard believes the biggest need is for visionary innovation leaders and champions who are strategically focused on creating competitive disruptions, not using the innovation toolbox in tactical and haphazard ways.

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