A Wonderful Time of the Year

With 2012 slowly coming to an end, it is once again time to reflect (and appreciate) how all the changes, challenges, fulfilled ambitions and pending resolutions have helped bring out the best in us. For Innovation Management.se too, the past 12 months have been marked by change, self-discovery and growth, a year in which we felt, more than ever, our connectedness to the world.

A famous anonymous quote says that there are three stages of a man’s life: when he believes in Santa Claus, when he stops believing and finally, when he becomes Santa Claus. No doubt, a perfect seasonal metaphor to describe the journey of many innovation professionals. They too transition from initial enthusiasm, to dire disappointment, to finally becoming one with their innovation projects and leading the new product, service, business model or paradigm into the real world.

To these change-leading professionals, finding the best tools and inspiration to facilitate their work is essential, and it is here that we have found our niche. For the past 5 years we have chosen to remain close to them, and provide them with an essential selection of trends, realities and best practices of innovation management field through a steady stream of timely and quality information.

From incorporating the leading website for innovation management practitioners in the US, InnovationTools.com, to create the largest, most comprehensive platform of its kind, to exclusive interviews with top scholars, IM Channel One web sessions, a dedicated column for SMEs, a brand new suite of topical newsletters¹ and even a Chinese edition of our website, we strive to explore, together, the subtleties of open innovation, leadership, design thinking and many, many more.

As for 2013, our ambition remains: to educate, enrich, “broaden horizons” and facilitate access to expertise from all around the world. To do this even more effectively, starting in January InnovationManagement.se will transition toward becoming a full-fledged learning center, and hence introduce its brand new learning programs. Karin Wall, Programme Director, explains:

“In 2013 there will be a lot to look forward to. The year marks an important step in consolidating our position by introducing the Sponsored Learning Programs, a range of products whose structure follows a proven concept developed by InnovationManagement.se to ensure maximum engagement with the audience. Collaborating with leading knowledge providers and cutting-edge experts & practitioners with global expertise for this project is of course a huge advantage and also honor! All in all, this will give our readership access to even more in-depth knowledge via a number of components such as series of articles on a specific theme, in-depth guides and live web sessions etc which is quite exciting I would say”

Last but not least, the Holiday Season also reminds many of us about the importance of giving. For those of you who are interested in donating, the Innovation Management foundation is a worthy cause, providing support for innovation management initiatives in developing countries.

On behalf of the Programme Team, we Thank You all for joining us this year and hope you will continue to do so in the next! To all our contributors, clients and followers, we appreciate your trust, commitment and support and look forward to sharing, inspiring and supporting your work in the future.

Happy Holidays and all the best on the brink of a New and Wonderful Year!


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