Why Either/ Or Thinking is Dangerous

Either/Or thinking is very dangerous in a complex system – precisely because nothing is always absolutely so. And, for better or worse, we live in a whole set of complex systems. We have to figure out how to move beyond Either/Or thinking. In the following article, Tim Kastelle puts forward a few ideas and tools that can help.

Moving beyond Either/IOr thinking can be done via:

Classification: how do biologists learn about how the world works?  The first step is always classification.  They can’t say anything if they can’t accurately tell what type of things are interacting with each other (useful tool: The Innovation Matrix)

Making use of the Positive Deviance, and its corresponding asset-based, problem-solving, and community-driven approach

Or, alternately by:

Paying attention to outliers: both in complex systems and general, the outliers are a lot more important than the average.

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