The Social Solution to Innovation Challenges

Many of the business innovations that flowed from the first generation of Internet adoption have had the perverse effect of slowing business down. Nowadays, accelerated communications have turned into the mental drain of 24/7 accessibility and accountability – a condition recognized by entities everywhere. The probable cure? Social media.

It is not that social media gives businesses the real-time intelligence they need to work quickly, but listening carefully to social media can transform a business in another way: by creating the pressure for the real-time intelligence and real-time responsiveness that lead to meaningful innovation.

Similarly, social media can actually enable faster learning, faster thinking and faster decision-making — if companies adopt the tools, culture and work habits that unlock the innovation-fueling potential of social.

The 6 key changes proposed by the author include: getting past the “answer everything” imperative (Get over the Inbox), encouraging more note-taking and less e-mail link-sharing (Get over link sharing), spending less time and energy on traveling (Get over life on the road), circulating fewer drafts (Get over track changes), giving up the mission of forcing employees onto an (often) overpriced internal platform (Get over your intranet) and finally, sidelining less cloud applications (Get over your firewall).

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