Is it Human Nature to Stifle Big Ideas?

Investors say they want big, bold start-up ideas but their investments suggest otherwise. What is an entrepreneur to do? When innovating in a well-established market at least, Minda Zetlin advises more focus on bringing the best possible improvement to a product or service, and less focus on making it unique.

If you have an idea that plays on a well-established theme, or seems too much like something already out there, stop worrying about how to be unique and focus instead on how to be better.

If you do have a truly big idea – one that the market hasn’t seen before – be prepared for a longer, harder road to get it funded and bring it to market, though if you make it, you’ll likely have that market to yourself for a time. And you might consider layering on a social, local, mobile, or gamification element. That way you can have a big idea and make investors feel comfortable at the same time.

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