Leaders: Focus on Creating a Culture of Innovation

While many organizations focus on addressing problems, the most successful focus on raising the bar. Excellence in leading innovation has far less to do with the leader having innovative ideas; it has everything to do with how that leader creates a culture where innovation and creativity thrives in every corner. Here are four strategies that can help make that happen.

What are the things that leaders must do to foster innovation? Here are five strategies that make a profound difference:

  • Focus on outcomes
  • Develop reciprocal trust
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Be inspiring

So the next time you are wracking your brain to come up with the idea that will save the day, or the innovative solution to your problems, or just a better way to do something, put your efforts into fostering and promoting innovation within your organization. A culture where innovation thrives in every corner is exponentially more valuable than a culture which anoints one or even a few people as “the innovative ones.” If you create an environment of innovation, who knows where your next great idea will come from?
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