Finding Inflection Points For Innovation

Your organization’s success at innovation defines you as a leader. Learn to drive your innovation by the inflection points – game changes that shift circumstances decisively – you find or create, and you will soon master the three simple innovation moves that drive market success, according to author Seth Kahan.

When you learn to recognize inflection points, you start to see the world in a different way. You develop a sense for the innovations that will both serve your strategic targets and succeed in market conditions ahead.

Discovering inflection points requires attention to emerging market movements, ability to question basic assumptions, and skill at turning disruption to your advantage. Master those, and you can position your organization to meet an inflection point with a response that pivots its trajectory in your favor.

The author outlines three simple moves can accelerate or stabilize your success in the market: Stop the Drop, Shift to Ascent, and Soar.

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