3 Leadership Tips for Creating Organic Change

Sometimes great innovations happen because they’re driven by exceptional leaders. Other times they happen because great leaders knew when to step aside and let them happen organically. This latter type of change only happens when true leadership exists – the type that recognizes initiative, fuels it, and gives it boundaries without killing the enthusiasm behind it.

In an age in which hierarchical organizations are increasingly ineffective, author Dennis Goin makes the case for leaders encouraging and nurturing grass-roots innovation efforts which can help to grow and leverage employee passion. The trick for the leader is to provide the guardrails that help them achieve wins that fit within the goals of the greater organization without dampening their passion.

These grassroots efforts can drive valuable organizational changes. With boundaries presented in the form of support and by providing a very delicate hand, leadership can harness the power and help steer it to overcome huge barriers or create incredible innovations.

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