How Domino’s Did an About-Face on Crowdsourcing and Customer Engagement

Several years ago, Dominos Pizza started out in the world of social media by being on the defensive, after employees from one store posted a highly-offensive video involving its pizzas on YouTube. In a surprisingly short time, Dominos has morphed into a highly social brand that invites customer input into all aspects of its food and store operations.

In 2010, Domino’s had gotten a reputation for bland pizza and instead of hiding from this observation, they asked their fans online and in focus groups to help revamp the recipe and sales went from $11 to $23.6 million in one year. Earlier this year, Domino’s launched ThinkOven, a feedback platform for anyone who engages with the Domino’s brand to make suggestions about uniforms, recipes, customer interaction, anything.

Dominos is now comfortably the number one pizza delivery company in the U.S. (operating in more than 60 countries worldwide). A classic brand that has been around since the 60’s is not afraid to run to catch up and re-invent itself time and again. A hard value to embrace, let alone master.

What else can we learn from Domino’s? Is it ever too late for customer engagement?

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