New Resource for SMEs: Introducing the IMP³rove Academy Column

On behalf of the Team at Innovation Management, it gives us great pleasure to announce the collaboration with the IMP³rove – European Innovation Management Academy in creating the IMP³rove Academy Column. This exclusive section on our website has been designed to meet the specific needs of small and mid-sized organizations and will feature posts related to innovation trends, strategy and self-assessment, authored wholly by expert members of the IMP³rove Network.

With sustained social and economic progress so clearly reliant on the innovation capabilities and general “health” of small and mid-sized firms, the latter seek more quality information & better innovation guidance than ever. In this context, the new resource column, a joint initiative of leading, global consultancy A.T. Kearney, and becomes a unique source of learning and development.

In the words of Lars Percy Andersson, Managing Partner and Founder of “We are very happy to collaborate with IMP³rove Academy and consolidate our lasting relationship with the company behind it. We see A.T. Kearney as an immensely knowledgeable entity in the field and also very much look forward to facilitate access to the common platform and tools the European Commission has invested so heavily in”.

When asked to detail the structure and special format chosen for the purpose of this collaboration, Andersson, notes: “Overall, we seek to develop a relationship that will include web learning sessions (in the dedicated column) and regular publishing of key articles of interest in Innovation Spotlight – The SME Newsletter. Our aim is to help SMEs gain easy access to high quality content (especially written) that is tailor-made for them and that will hopefully make a difference in their day-to-day operations. We know there is a lot of focus on this topic and we would therefore like to make sure the millions of SMEs worldwide can find ways to improve their capabilities on our website. They are an incredibly relevant group and serving them will be rewarding”.

Eva Diedrichs, Senior Consultant at A.T. Kearney and coordinator of the IMP³rove Academy Column adds to the above by underlining that ambitious SMEs look for innovation management guidance that makes a difference on their business impact and that and the IMP³rove – European Innovation Management Academy are meeting this need beautifully. On the one hand, the IMP³rove Academy continuously collects insights on what growth champions are doing differently, while specializes in sharing this expertise to relevant target groups. After all, “the best practices in innovation management support are of interest to stakeholders as diverse as SMEs, consultants, financial actors, intermediaries, policy makers and academia – all part of the community following InnovationManagement.seconcludes Diedrichs.

In terms of the quality of the contributions, the series is indeed an exceptional one. Eva Diedrichs explains once again: “The articles under the newly designed IMP³rove Academy column will provide trends observed by IMP³rove network partners around the world creating a richness and wealth of insights that is complemented by the professionalism and high quality services instilled by A.T. Kearney, the global top management consulting company that has initiated the Best Innovator contest as early as 2003”.

Therefore, starting today, you, our reader, are invited to both explore the IMP³rove Academy Column on and follow the Academy’s regular postings by subscribing to Innovation Spotlight – the SME newsletter. New articles will be added monthly in an attempt to build a consistent library of specialized content, written and curated by leading experts in the A.T. Kearney Network.

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