Why Collective Thinking Through Social Media is more Important Now Than Ever

Social media is the most recent step humanity has taken in the evolution of communication and has become the most efficient way to advertise our thoughts. Much like our forefathers gathered in a circle discussing the best watering holes and predator spotting, social platforms have become the mutual campfire where ideas and thoughts are shared just as easily.

Fueled by massive social media networks, ideas travel over continents, to millions of people at digital speeds. The question is which organizations and individuals can adapt, and which are left fondling the rim of their coffee cup in the corner of the café?

According to the author of this article, one thing for sure is that the progression of society and innovation will be magnified. What is crucial however is that companies and organizations utilize these tools here and now, because with this steady progression in the exchange of thoughts and ideas, so, too, will the pace of which corporate needs to keep up.

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Image: Hand Holding Globe from Shutterstock.com