Successful Business Transformation Requires A New Logic To Handle Ambiguity And Change

The strategic framing of complex and ambiguous issues, like those we’re facing in many industries today, requires thinking approaches that are free from organizational dogmas, codified limitations and old assumptions. Design thinking is one approach leaders can use to take a fresh look at their businesses, counsels Idris Moottee.

A large part of the design thinking process is to step out of roles conventions and free oneself from these dogmas and explore new frames of thought and approaches to problem solving. I am using “Design Thinking” to push us to rethink everything from scratch, including the tools of logic itself. Most people believe creativity means there is no logic. But what is creativity anyway? Or what is design? We need to look at the world or our business or social challenges with a fuzzy prism. It is like watching 3D movies without the 3D glasses. You can never make sense of the present and the future by using conventional lenses and logic.

For the modern enterprise to evolve, survive and even prosper in the future, any change and transformation effort cannot just be putting on bandages. There is no one single future state to map against current state. There could be a range of different strategic futures and companies need to be ready for all of those. It takes a very different kind of transformation process when the future state is unknown.

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