3 Big Insights From Today’s Top Design Thinkers FastCoDesign

Co.Design recently convened a panel of designers and design thinkers from diverse backgrounds to share their thoughts on the most challenging problems they have faced in the last year. Their insights have plenty to teach the rest of us about the best ways to approach design thinking and mistakes to avoid.

A few weeks ago, at the Fast Company offices, the magazine convened an all-star panel of designers and design leaders to talk about the problems that they found most vexing in the past year, and what they were trying to do to solve them. Challenges solutions they discussed included:

  • How do you turn idea generation into successful execution, especially within a large corporation?
  • “Getting outside your bubble” – making sure you’re not bringing your own preconceived notions to a design challenge
  • Discovering different ways to teach designers and engineers to find the challenges that are actually worth solving
  • Fighting the tendency to view customers from a “big brand” perspective, which always seeks to find only one global archetype or brand experience and ignores regional cultural differences

Panel members also shared their thoughts and ideas on how to approach these challenges, which all innovation practitioners can learn from.

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Image: Hand Holding Globe from Shutterstock.com