Want To Make Your Environment More Creative? Kill Some Rules

Our creativity is often determined by how actively engaged and focused we are. Sometimes our focus is dictated by the constraints, or rules, we apply to it, according to Matthew May.

The more we focus, the more we create. The more we create the more we enjoy our work. And the more enjoyable, expedient, and efficient an experience is, the more meaning we give it. And here’s the thing: the simplest rules create the most effective experience.

Focusing on the rules of any experience gives rise to a different way of thinking. You will begin to search for natural and self-organizing patterns of human behavior. Ask how to exploit those patterns for good, rather than just trying to control them. The most effective experiences might best be achieved but by one or two simple rules.

Simple rules can often emerge from the right context and do not always need not be stated to be understood by all, yet can produce the highest levels of participation. In other words: keep the simplest rules, kill the others.

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Image: Hand Holding Globe from Shutterstock.com