The Most Valuable Commodity

First came the age of agriculture, then the age of exploration, then the age of science, followed by the age of heavy industry. Now we are in the age of information. What does that mean for innovation?

Nowadays, a lot of that money is spent keeping other nations from stealing sensitive information such as new technologies and innovations. That brings up the question how does one get financial backing while not giving away important information.  One important rule of thumb is to tell people what an idea or innovation can do not how it works. In other words, explaining the concept without giving away sensitive information. After all, self-restraint is a valuable virtue in innovation.

The other important skill to learn in the age of information is data mining. From Google, to computational data sites like, or Lexis Nexis, all these services and more come under the banner of Informatics and are designed to separate useful and good data from questionable one.  And the better the data, the more accurate the information, the smaller the risk and consequently, the greater chance of success of any business endeavor.

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