Co-Creation and the New Web Of Things

As digital technology pervades the physical world, the principles of scale are changing in a profound way. Ordinary people armed with smartphones are becoming hackers, co-creating their experiences with marketers. Products themselves are becoming services. Supply chains are giving way to demand chains. Consumers want to be able to combine different offerings to create new mashups and solutions. This is what author Greg Satell calls “The Internet of Things.”

As products get smarter, savvy companies are providing customers with software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable customers to cobble together their own end-to-end solutions and new tools and services. Everybody from LEGO to Nike to cosmetics and financial services companies are getting into the act as well, using the Web of Things to co-create products and services with their consumers. A revolution, albeit a quiet one, is at hand. According to Greg Satell, in the new era of the Web of Things, if you want to build a better mousetrap, you’ll need to ask the mouse.

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