LinkedIn: How it Can Be Used for Innovation Efforts

How can corporate innovation units use LinkedIn to create new products and services? Stefan Lindegaard provides a summary of how personal profiles, groups, LinkedIn Answers and polls can be used to engage with other professionals in the development of your firm’s innovation initiatives.

Innovation uses include:

Identify and connect with people. Knowledge is the key element to innovation, and LinkedIn is a great tool for identifying people with knowledge. If you are working on a project and you need to get in touch with experts or just others with an assumed interest in your topic, you can use LinkedIn’s advanced search function to identify these people by searching on keywords.

Engage in special interest groups. You will most likely also be able to build relationships with relevant people in these groups. But Lindegaard cautions that there is a considerable amount of spam (non-relevant information and self-promotion) in most groups and thus many good discussions almost get lost in the clutter of (irrelevant) information.

Use LinkedIn Answers to post questions you’d like the LinkedIn community to answer. This is a good way to draw attention to your interest in a topic and encourage people to interact with you.

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