How to Create a “Board of Directors” to Help you Solve Problems and Generate Creative Solutions

When it comes to thinking creatively, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Our ideas tend to fall into the same predictable categories, despite our efforts to the contrary. How can you jump-start your thinking in some new, creative directions? One way is to form your own personal “board of directors.

Because we’re talking about creative thinking, this isn’t an actual board. Rather; it’s an imaginary one. It can be composed of any famous person or individual who have influenced you, living or dead. The key is that they need to be innovative thinkers in their areas of expertise. This technique is an excellent example of lateral thinking – changing your perspective to expand the variety of ideas you’re able to generate.

What can you do with this imaginary group of Big Thinkers? It’s quite simple, really: put yourself in their shoes. Imagine how THEY would approach your current problem or challenge.

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