How SMEs Can Benefit from Cloud and the 80/20 Rule

In a recent report by SAP, 96% of SMEs stated they would like to significantly grow their business within the next year. These businesses are often the bulls of the market, adapting a get it all done as soon as possible attitude, which leaves little time for prioritizing. High growth businesses must invest in triaging the challenges on their plate - it is here that cloud computing and the Pareto Rule can help.

Starting with the latter, SMEs need to significantly focus on 20% of their valuable staff, assets, and/or products to create 80% of their company’s profits. In reverse, SMEs must immediately deal with and focus on the challenges that occur 80% of the time. By doing so, management will have more energy on adding value and dealing with the unexpected.
The cloud on the other hand gives a business the advantage to store and share content and documents accessible on the web from any network or device all in real time – providing massive productivity gains to companies. Therefore, cloud not only makes collaboration easy, but also fosters improve alignment between teams and management, as well as encourage innovation.

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