Employee Driven Innovation: Insights from Cisco

Asman previously led Innovation Europe, one of Cisco’s strategic priorities within the European Theatre. Innovation Europe was the name given to Cisco’s strategy to promote, support and enable innovation across all areas of the European business. The program focused on a number of strategic priorities designed to improve overall company performance.

A major focus of this initiative, driven by Cisco’s top leadership, was to maintain and boost the company’s innovation culture. The measures Cisco took included making sure every employee knows what innovation is, know how to innovate, make sure they are given the opportunity to innovate, and that they have the tools to help them. At Cisco, employees are rewarded and recognized for their participation and the contributions they make. The culture was very much about just getting everyone involved and giving people and their ideas visibility and then rewarding them for doing it.


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Image: Hand Holding Globe from Shutterstock.com