History’s Greatest Thinkers: Champions of Pattern Recognition

The Imaginary Foundation, a Swiss think tank that does experimental research on new ways of thinking and the power of the imagination, has published The Pattern Seeker Trading Cards, a collection of 23 cards that pays tribute to the common characteristic shared by some of the best thinkers throughout history: They recognized that the world we perceive has deep, subtle patterns running through it. By deeply thinking and exploring the world around us, they discerned these patterns and the relationships they implied. In each case, recognizing these patterns led them to major discoveries and breakthroughs.

From classic geniuses like Albert Einstein and Marie Curie to modern thinkers like Robert Wright (game theory) and Ray Kurzweil (inventor and futurist), this set of trading cards is a powerful reminder of the benefits of looking more deeply at our world around us and what makes it tick. The Pattern Seeker Trading Cards remind us to never stop thinking about our world and to keep asking why? What makes it like this? What underlies what I can see on the surface of this situation? And what can I learn from it?

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Image: Hand Holding Globe from Shutterstock.com