Why you Can’t Multi-task Innovation

When you are trying to innovate, especially when you are trying to create new ideas that are unique or different from what your organization normally does, you cannot multi-task, you cannot dilute your engagement or awareness. You cannot attempt to concentrate on day to day, routine tasks at the same time you are trying to create interesting new insights and ideas. Your brain doesn't work this way, and you will be pulled in the direction of your expertise and competence. Which means you will revert to incremental ideas at best, warns Jeffrey Phillips.

Real creative insights happen when you release what you know, your expertise and frameworks, and focus on expanding your thinking and considering broader possibilities.  That kind of engagement and thinking cannot happen while you are answering emails on your cell phone, or while you are engaged on a conference call.  You simply don’t have the expertise to handle routine, day to day issues and engage in broad, disruptive thinking at the same time.  One of these activities will suffer, and it is always the idea generation that goes lacking.

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Image: Hand Holding Globe from Shutterstock.com