How Public Policy can Foster Open Innovation

Innovation processes are becoming more open. The large, vertically integrated R&D labs are giving way to distributed networks of innovation which connects numerous companies and organizations into ecosystems. Public policy should follow this evolution and consider the roles of human capital, competition policy, financing, intellectual property, and public data in promoting an environment of open innovation.

Microsoft researchers conducted in-depth interviews with several leading, innovating companies in Europe and they combined these insights with the policy recommendations they could deduct from the existing literature on open innovation. They summarized the results of their research in several recommendations. These recommendations cover several policy areas such as education, funding innovations, new approaches to IP, fostering cooperation, and experimenting with open government initiatives.

This report explains in a pragmatic way why these policy recommendations foster open innovation. It focuses on the general policy principles providing a guideline to policy makers to develop or change policies that focus on the innovations needs in an era in which open innovation generates new opportunities for policy makers, firms and consumers.

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