Collaborative Innovation Inside and Beyond the Firm – Two Worlds Become One

This year, a very interesting trend in collaborative innovation can be observed in Central Europe: The once distinct concepts of “Enterprise 2.0” and “Open Innovation” are merging. Firms are taking a holistic view on collaborative innovation and put the question about whether collaborative innovation should happen primarily within the firm’s walls or with externals out of the focus.

This trend became obvious in the regular workshops that innovation consultancy Innovation 3 conducts with clients and associates to share best practices and to discuss emerging innovation practices. The firm started this series back in 2010 with an expert circle of open innovation practitioners. In 2011, more and more enterprise 2.0 practitioners out of the professional networks of the expert circle participants joined. In the last workshop, Innovation 3 had a 50:50-split between “open innovators” and “enterprise 2.0 people” – and from both angles, the key questions about how to conduct and implement collaborative innovation were discussed with great intensity – without any visible barriers between the two parties.

The roster of participating firms spanned a multitude of industries. So one could definitely say that the trends towards a holistic view on collaborative is not limited to a particular industry. In the last workshop, practitioners from BASF, Bayer, Beiersdorf, Continental, Deutsche Telekom, Evonik, Lufthansa, Merck, Osram, Otto Group, Robert Bosch, RWE, SAP and TUI participated.

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