How Strong Alignment of Decisions Can Create Resilient Business Model Innovation

Doll maker Pleasant Company (creator of the American Girl line of dolls) owes its extraordinary success to the exceptional clarity and alignment of its business model. From the beginning of the company in 1986, founder Pleasant Rowland has been focused on what the company’s business model is and why it appeals to customers, how and where it competes and why it is profitable – three key questions that any business model innovator needs to be able to answer.

Rowland’s crystal-clear focus on the value her products provide to customers enabled her to differentiate her American Girl dolls and accessories and sell them at premium prices and informed its decisions on ancillary product lines and services that strengthened the brand and expanded its appeal.

Is the story of your business this tight? Is everything, including the deeper purpose of your company, aligned with your value promise to your customers, asks author Mary Kay Plantes?

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