Building Innovation into a Consistent Competency

What we don't often hear about from leaders is the actual work of innovation, the investments made, the people trained, the mistakes made, the successes that create new segments. Innovation, like dieting or getting into better physical shape, is something we all know we SHOULD do, but is also something that is easy to put off to another day.

If talking about physical fitness contributed to weight loss we’d all be exceptionally thin. Unfortunately, staying in shape and physically fit requires more than talking – it requires a consistent commitment and focus on specific goals. Likewise, innovation requires a constant commitment that is intended to deliver specific outcomes.

Since we know that few if any CEOs will reject innovation, and innovation isn’t widespread and fully competent in many organizations, what can we do to build and sustain innovation as a consistent competency? Learn how to build a plan, establish goals, appoint a sponsor for innovation, find a coach and examine your firm’s level of commitment to innovation in this well-written analysis by Jeffrey Phillips.

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