The power of Co-Creation

Co-creation is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable ideas to enter the repertoire of adland for a long time. However, despite its rise to power in the marketing world, it’s controversial and often misunderstood.

Co-creation should be about creating content for the modern consumer (and content could be anything from entertainment to richer connections, more useful information or better experiences).

Brands are having to work harder than ever to engage them, and the key to reaching them effectively is via the power of participation and empowering them with better choices. The only way to achieve true buy-in from consumers is to build co-creation into campaigns and involve them in the journey. Consumers seek empowerment. We’re here to make sure they get it.

Effective co-creation is not about ‘crowdsourcing’. It is about harnessing the right people, whether they are consumers, partners or specialists to create authentic social currency, which will connect with people, across a wide variety of channels.

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