Managing Intellectual Property in Open Innovation Communities

Facilitators are vital to the success of open innovation communities. However, the role of a facilitator might not have to be limited to providing relevant content or to encouraging members to connect with each other and contribute to the ongoing discussions, says open innovation expert Stefan Lindegaard.

Perhaps there is an additional role for the community facilitator in helping the members address IP issues, which, if not handled appropriately, can be a huge stumbling block in creating a productive virtual community in which people truly build on each other’s ideas and thus generate more powerful innovative outcomes.

You can organize your community in layers in which the first layer is focused on more general interactions in which you do not really share insights or develop ideas that are impacted by IP issues. You can then have another layer – or move such discussions out of the community and into private settings – if you have a discussion that is moving toward the exchange of ideas that may have IP implications.

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