How Crowdsourcing is Taking Root in Latin America

The emergence of crowdsourcing was one of the key trends that TNW saw in Latin America in 2011. Since then, this boom has anything but stopped, as São Paulo is about to host Crowdsourcing Conference‘s second edition.

As TNW reported last year, crowdsourcing initiatives have flourished in Brazil, impacting many verticals, from crowdfunding to crowdtesting and collective intelligence. Many of these programs are still alive and well today – which is not always the case with startups. For instance, the Brazilian crowdfunding platform Catarse is growing fast; according to its founder, Diego Reeberg, it took it “10 months to raise its first million, another 6 months for its second million, and it will now reach its third million in three months” (R$3m=US$1.45m).

While this is a remarkable achievement, it is not very surprising, considering the popularity of all things social in Latin America. Social networking sites are incredibly popular in the region, with nearly 100 percent of Latin America’s internet population spending a lot of time on these sites.

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