Crowdsourcing vs. Co-Creation: Is There a Difference?

The use of crowdsourcing by various groups, organizations, and businesses has grown dramatically over the years with many leading names embracing its cost effectiveness and almost limitless utility. The concept of tapping into the wisdom of the crowd, however, has inevitably created off-shoot methods based on the same concept. One increasingly popular variation, “co-creation”, is carving out its own niche in this field.

Since both crowdsourcing and co-creation involve some form of collaboration, the line separating the two can be blurred at times.

Co-creation is a collaborative initiative which operates like crowdsourcing by seeking information and ideas from a group of people. There is, however, one crucial difference. The call is not put to an open forum or platform but to a smaller group of individuals with specialized skills and talents. Co-creation is distinctive in that the group works together on one concept rather than asking the client to pick a solution from a list of many.

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