NineSigma Launches Open Innovation Social Media Destination “NineSights”

NineSigma launched yesterday the first open innovation social media destination which is free to innovation seekers and solution providers. NineSights is a secure and collaborative online community that connects innovators of all sizes with the resources and relationships needed to drive business value. The platform allows innovation seekers to post innovation needs and solution providers to submit proposals and post technologies and solutions that are "for sale.” NineSigma ensures quality on the site by vetting both seekers and providers.

Andy Zynga, CEO of NineSigma said:

“We have listened to our clients and solution providers who told us that a social media enabled platform where quality trumps quantity is what the world needs right now. As a result of this unique platform, organizations are able to make better connections faster and thus accelerate time to market.”

NineSigma’s co-creation

NineSights is being launched in response to a recent NineSigma survey of professionals in a range of industries that found no innovation platform existed to effectively meet the needs of solution seekers and providers online. With NineSights, that marketplace need is being met.

For solution providers, this includes exposure of their technologies, new business development opportunities, connections outside their industries, and direct access to solution seekers. Organizations reaching out to solution providers see the same benefits, particularly the opportunity to connect with others outside of a single vertical segment.

Philips’ gallery

The site also hosts featured “galleries” that spotlight innovation requests and technology offers from organizations like Philips, and provides forums for discussions among users.

NineSights: Knowledge broker

The community fits the highly fragmented (but transparent) information economy. Knowledge brokering will spur knowledge valorization, create better, faster and cheaper output, by being the connector between entities.

What’s your opinion on the launch of NineSights?

By Gianluigi Cuccureddu

About the author:

Gianluigi CuccuredduGianluigi Cuccureddu, contributing editor, is an experienced writer specializing in innovation, open business, new media and marketing. He is Managing Partner of the 90:10 Group, a global Open Business consultancy. They help clients leverage social media as business accelerators to generate faster, better and cheaper business output. Social media integration is the new secret ingredient to achieve sustainable competitive advantage in delighting the clients’ customers while continuously driving their cost down.

  • Michael

    NineSights looks to be a high calibre destination which promises to effectively centralize the OI marketplace. Its ability to help ensure and maintain quality inputs and outputs (it is important to remember why technology providers participate and what they need and expect from participation…and not just what large companies claim to want/need) will in large measure, determine its success prospects. NineSigma’s active moderation of traffic is a necessary and overdue advance in this regard.

  • David

    Could you expand on your statement? I’m interested in hearing a response to “why technology providers participate and what they need and expect from participation.”