Making Innovation Pay: Driving the Move from Innovation-Talk to Innovation-Do

On May 31st, 3pm CET IM Channel One will host an Expert Panel Discussion on making innovation pay - providing you with new methods to increase the rate of innovation, reduce individual level costs per innovation and encourage fail fast methods. This session is all about unusual ways that organizations have managed to drive innovation execution to make returns on their innovation investments and the key learnings that can be applied and replicated in your organization.

The one hour panel discussion will be hosted in a virtual environment with guests logging in from all over the world. Three experts will debate during the first part of the session and the discussion will end with a Q&A session where your questions will be answered by the expert panel. The session will be moderated by Frank Mattes, IM Contributing Editor from Germany.  The dialogue will also continue after the online event, giving the audience an opportunity to dive deeper into the key themes. Attendance is free of charge; however the number of spaces is limi

Find out how to turn innovation talk into real products and services that generate ROI

Traditional models for innovation execution have focused on a central R&D team empowered to deliver the future products and services of organizations. However, models which are based on this approach are quickly being supplanted by new methods which offer greater scale and throughput, such as Open Innovation, semi-autonomous crowds, and incremental innovation en-masse.

Such approaches provide opportunities for organizations to significantly increase the rate of innovation.

Challenges addressed

The average life span of a new innovation programme is 18 months or less. The chief cause of failure is the new, green team fails to get to substantial returns before their power-sponsor runs out of political capital to support them.

Furthermore, traditional innovation execution approaches have a high failure rate – at least 85% – and are therefore costly to operate. In many cases, financial success has been a matter of luck (e.g. hitting a big breakthrough with associated windfall returns).

In an economy driven by innovation, the rate of change is so fast that central teams have little or no hope of keeping up.

Though there has recently been rapid adoption of enterprise tools that help organizations capture and select ideas from audiences, many organizations have realized most of the value in innovation processes is associated with idea execution rather than collection.

As organizations struggle to capitalize on new ideas, the expert panel will discuss methods leading organizations have used to take ideas to the next phase:  creating real products and services that generate monetary ROI for their innovation efforts.

Key take-aways

Attendees will gain insight and deeper perspective on the following:

  • Modern innovation methods such as using crowds internally and externally to drive innovation execution at scale, in a cost effective and value generating way.
  • War stories from organizations that have actually made innovation at scale work, and what can be expected from both the journey and the outcomes at the end.
  • Perspectives on the future of innovation management in an economy where value is often driven by rapid-fire innovations from competitors in all sectors.

About the moderator and panelists


Matt Chapman, UK. Matt is the Innovation Strategy Director at Spigit. Matt has over 10 years experience working as an innovation professional and has lead the strategic design and delivery of numerous collaborative innovation and idea management programs. He was worked for a variety of global companies across various industrial sectors including, Aerospace, Automotive, Education, Finance & Banking, Government, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Publishing, Technology and Telecommunications. In working with these organisations Matt has planned, designed, and implemented transformational, sustainable innovation capabilities for both internal and open innovation programs alike to discover new products, services, business models, cost reductions, and process improvements. Matt has widely written and presented on the subjects of idea management, collaborative innovation and gameficiation and has regularly shared his thoughts on the industry through his various blog posts over the years and holds three degrees including a PhD.

Gunjan Bhardwaj, Germany. Gunjan’s expertise in the area of innovation management and social media is outstanding. He was earlier with the Boston Consulting Group and before that the leader of the Global business performance think-tank of Ernst& Young and a manager in the German practice with a solution focus on Strategy and Innovation. Gunjan was also a partner, senior-editor and advisor for and is presently a member of the scientific advisory board of New Jersey based Plexus institute, a not for profit institute researching in Complexity Sciences in the Healthcare industry. He is also a Guest lecturer at the European Business School for Growth management based out of Frankfurt, Germany and FIA Business School in Sao Paulo. He is  an honorary representative of the state of Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany to India.

Daniel Gusev, Russia. Daniel went to great lengths at SAP, Roland Berger developing emerging technology and business practices frameworks, later tested as part of innovation initiatives at Russian leading banks, pioneering innovation approach in Russia – now presiding over a retail Innovation Hub at Promsvyazbank, a specialist task force bent on reinventing finance. An occasional blogger on financial services in Russia and an amateur entrepreneur (having his own startup).

Frank Mattes, Germany (moderator). Frank has collected more than 15 years of experience in managing projects and innovation. He worked for specialized medium-sized national consulting companies as well as for The Boston Consulting Group. Additionally he was working at C-level for an eBusiness firm, an IT firm and a Professional services firm. He wrote several books, numerous articles and is a sought after speaker.

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