The Two Leading Innovation Websites Join Forces to Create the World’s Largest Aggregated Audience of Innovation Management Professionals

As of May 1st, 2012, and, the two leading websites for sharing new knowledge and inspiration on the topic of innovation, are now a part of the Global Innovation Network. This combined entity will facilitate an increased sharing of knowledge, best practices, tools and related resources among innovation practitioners and other professionals who want to bring the discipline of innovation to their organizations.

InnovationTools, one of the earliest sources of innovation management content online, launched in 2002 and has become the world’s largest and most trusted website on the topics of innovation, creativity and brainstorming, with an audience concentrated in North America. InnovationManagement, established in 2007, is a fast-growing hub of innovation knowledge and practice with a concentration of users in Europe. Together, the websites serve a growing worldwide audience with over 15,000 newsletter subscribers and serving visitors from 200+ countries.

The goal of the Global Innovation Network is to create localized content that caters to the specific innovation needs and cultural differences of each region, as well as to serve as a trusted and valued source of innovation knowledge, strategies and practices.

“In recent years, there has been an incredible growth in the number of innovation blogs and websites, most covering general innovation principles and practices. By working together, and will generate the scale to go deeper, providing our readers with more in-depth coverage of the knowledge that practitioners need to be successful today. At the same time, we will build on the strong foundation of trust that we have cultivated with our respective audiences,” explains Chuck Frey, founder and publisher of

“For several years our two websites have independently filled the gap between theory and practice for our global community of innovation practitioners,” said Lars Andersson, co-founder of “We now have the ability to build a common platform of products and services for advertisers who want to reach the innovation management practitioner community.”


About The Global Innovation Network

The Global Innovation Network operates independent sites dedicated to bringing you applied innovation management knowledge and know-how. Its mission is to provide localized innovation management content while at the same time sharing global innovation management knowledge, strategies and practices. It provides insights, case studies and practical solutions, such as tools and techniques for fueling your innovation pipeline, business model, services and customer engagement. The Global Innovation Network brings to innovation professionals original content and news from leading innovation experts and practitioners, with global perspectives for management dealing with the day-to-day challenge of changing competitive conditions.

For more information please contact:

Lars Andersson, Co-founder,, [email protected]  + 46 709 65 31 71.

Chuck Frey, Founder and Publisher,, [email protected] + 262 492-9514

  • Gijs van Wulfen

    Wonderful you joined forces!

  • Kathy Mast

    Good, strategic move!

  • innovation-3

    Great news. Congratulations for making a very smart move. Looking forward to help you grow the Global Innovation Network.

  • Paul Hobcraft

    May you continue to work towards a global representation of innovation, achieving depth and breadth across this fascinating area important to us all