NineSigma and Caliper Launch New Co-Innovation Development Program

At the heart of the innovation process is the search for new ideas and market opportunities with commercial value. With so much on the line, companies are increasingly turning to an open innovation model built on external partnerships. NineSigma and Caliper have developed a new Collaborative Innovation Development Program to ensure that innovation leaders and managers are well-suited for their roles, and know how to bring out the best in their teams.

According to a research that is reported on Strategy+Business, openness pays off. In line with this research and making sure effectiveness of collaborative innovation can be reached and ensured, NineSigma, an innovation provider, and Caliper, known for its in-depth personality assessment, the Caliper Profile have also created a first-of-its-kind Collaborative Innovation Profile. The Profile sets benchmarks for the personality qualities, cognitive abilities, and motivations of successful innovation leaders.

The specialized strengths required for managing innovation teams range from being comfortable reaching into the outside world for new solutions, to being able to help groups of intelligent, independent, and strong-minded individuals to work more collaboratively.

Denys Resnick, Director, Strategic Programs, NineSigma said:

“More organizations are evolving their treatment of collaborative innovation from an occasional, ‘nice-to-have’ program and are now depending on this strategy to stay competitive. Success with innovation requires a specific set of skills. With Caliper, we’ve developed a unique, objective, and scientifically validated model for selecting and assessing Innovation Leaders. It is a tool to help coach them for increased success, and for building effective teams.”

Kim Butler, VP Organizational Development Services, Caliper, said:

“The best-performing people in any role are those who play to their strengths. Particularly in today’s economy, where there is a more pressing need to drive business, we’re excited to offer these unique profiles that will help organizations build high-performing collaborative innovation teams by harnessing the talents of their leaders. We are proud to be partnering with NineSigma to help these teams reach their potential to be great innovators.”

The Capiler profile has been developed over forty years of research and refinement. It has developed a database of information about the qualities it takes to succeed in virtually every position.

Tipping point collaborative innovation

Collaborative innovation is becoming a mainstream strategy for accelerating growth, Strategy+Business reported on the use of external partnerships growing increasingly productive over time. External links have been shown to stimulate creativity, provide a useful way to search for new technologies, reduce risk, and improve the quality of the innovation.

The researchers found the more open a firm was, the higher the level of new and improved products as a percentage of sales. But there’s a tipping point after five linkages:

“Beyond this number, firms experience decreasing returns. The researchers say that this decline could come from a number of factors, including the cost of “over-searching,” when companies no longer have the ability to absorb large amounts of new information, and managers lack the time and attention to process important ideas. But the researchers note that only a tiny fraction of plants in the study used more than five linkages.”

Learning curve

The study’s results imply that investing time in learning how to manage outside will pay off dramatically.

The authors write:

“Time spent even in relationships that do not pay off in the short run need not be time wasted. Learning which relationships not to pursue is an important part of the learning process, and may help to make future linkages more productive.”

By Gianluigi Cuccureddu

About the author:

Gianluigi CuccuredduGianluigi Cuccureddu, contributing editor, is an experienced writer specializing in innovation, open business, new media and marketing. He is also Managing Partner of the 90:10 Group, a global Open Business consultancy, which helps clients open their activity directly and indirectly to external stakeholders through the use of social media, its data and technologies for the purpose of competitive advantages in marketing, service- and product innovation.