New Broadcasting Interactive Service to Improve Innovation Capabilities

October 13th will launch the Channel One broadcasting series with free interactive live web sessions. Channel One offers the possibility to access new and relevant knowledge in a time effective way for innovation management practitioners.

To ensure participants get the most out of the Channel One sessions we provide opportunities to engage in the conversation both before and after the broadcast. Pre-event questions and post- discussion via the forum help to confirm a solid understanding of the knowledge presented as well as provide a chance to share opinions and experiences.

— Time is one of the main constraints for innovation practitioners today. To be able to do your job well and develop in your role as a practitioner it is imperative that you stay abreast of the latest knowledge and best practice that will make a difference to your organization, says Lars Percy Andersson, Founding Partner,

InnovationManagement’s Channel One will present series of three to six sessions on topics of particular interest to innovation professionals. The quality of the broadcast and information provided is secured by based on a thorough understanding of the needs for knowledge among innovation practitioners.

— During our three years as a leading provider of knowledge and inspiration to innovation practitioners we have developed a solid understanding of what’s needed. At the same time we have developed a substantial network of knowledge providers, allowing us to carefully select collaborators when creating these series of web sessions.

The InnovationManagement Channel One will focus on some of the most interesting themes in the innovation management sphere such as open innovation, design thinking, reverse innovation, intellectual property and more. The sessions are co-created with sponsors from major service providers, InnovationManagement and members from the academic sector.

— This is a time and cost effective way for innovation management practitioners to get access to truly relevant and actionable knowledge and inspiration, says Lars Percy Andersson.

The first Channel One series of web sessions will focus on Next Generation Open Innovation. We will look deeper into the concept and how organizations can benefit and profit from it. The series will be co-created with Induct – the Open Innovation Company™ and will also feature academic authorities on the topic of open innovation.

By Karin Wall

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The first web session in this series takes place on October 13, 2011 at 15.00 CET. Please note that number of attendees is limited and participation is free of charge.