InnoCentive and Popular Science Launch the Open Innovation Pavilion

This week InnoCentive, pioneer in open innovation and crowdsourcing, announced its collaboration with Popular Science, a leading science and technology publication. The purpose of the collaboration is to connect organizations that have important science, technology or engineering problems to people and communities who can best solve them.

To facilitate this they’ve built the open innovation Popular Science Pavilion which can be both found on InnoCentive and Popular Science. “The Popular Science Open Innovation Pavilion serves as the destination for a variety of Challenges tailored to problem solvers such as engineers, architects, scientists and technologists, as well as the garage tinkerers and basement inventors. By tapping in to the diversity and creativity of these global communities, problems that matter to humanity and the world can be solved faster and more cost-effectively than ever before,” as reported in the press release.

Mark Jannot, editorial director, the Bonnier Technology Group and editor-in-chief, Popular Science said:

We want to connect organizations that have important problems and Challenges to the people and global communities who can best solve them. We’ve built this Pavilion for companies, public sector agencies, universities and other institutions to put their most pressing problems in front of InnoCentive’s global community of hundreds of thousands of Solvers, Popular Science’s millions of readers and other creative and passionate people interested in making tomorrow better than today.”

Dwayne Spradlin, president and CEO, InnoCentive said:

“Both our partnership with Popular Science and the introduction of the Pavilion to millions of new problem solvers are game changers. Not only are we helping to open the door for students to consider the sciences as a fulfilling career choice via the new Challenge, but this partnership will also spark the imagination of diverse and creative problem solvers to participate in a variety of Challenges whose solutions can truly change the world.”

The challenges of challenge-driven innovation

Using the global mind to solve problems is an interesting and effective way to benefit of external expertise and knowledge and using that to solve problems. However, Henry Chesbrough notes his reservations having reviewed one of InnoCentive’s founders book (Alpheus Bingham), called “Open Innovation and the Design of Work”:

“My own research and experience with open innovation, however, suggests three qualifications to their thesis. They are: 1) the competitive risks of sharing your problems, 2) the knowledge limitations of framing a Challenge, and 3) the role of technical interdependencies in innovation. These limitations and considerations mean that the Challenge-Driven Enterprise may not emerge as fully as the authors contend.”

By Gianluigi Cuccureddu

About the author:

Gianluigi CuccuredduGianluigi Cuccureddu, contributing editor, is an experienced writer specializing in innovation, open business, new media and marketing. He is also Managing Partner of the 90:10 Group, a global Open Business consultancy, which helps clients open their activity directly and indirectly to external stakeholders through the use of social media, its data and technologies for the purpose of competitive advantages in marketing, service- and product innovation.