How to Create a Culture that Supports Innovation

Innovation is actually easy – when the corporate culture is supporting it. Unfortunately today many companies show ”excellent” practise killing the innovative spirit. In this new in-depth article Dirk Loop explores the opportunities every employee – not just executives and innovation managers – has to enhance a culture of innovation. He gives a brief overview on common weaknesses within corporate process frameworks and shows hands-on solutions.

It is frightening to see how many good ideas and projects are blocked due to organizational and procedural overhead. Loop advocates a new strategic approach to innovation and a generally different self-image of innovation managers. Managers should enable employees to take risks and become entrepreneurs within existing organizations.

Although projects promoting the spirit of innovation often follow a top-down approach, every employee can improve his personal skills, pertaining to trust, teamwork and commitment, and therefore becomes a role model for others (bottom-up). Hybrid approaches have shown here to be most effective.”

About the author:

Having studied national economics, Dirk Loop is also educated in banking, highly trained in effective leadership & communication skills and a PMI-certified Project Manager. He offers fundamental interdisciplinary knowledge, and more than ten years of relevant work experience in various industries and professions – from corporate controlling to public relations, from ip-management to software development. Loop is a co-founder and director of CIPOC ltd, a consultant firm focused on innovation and quality management for telecommunication, energy and banking.


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  • Asger

    Sorry, but why does the name end with a question mark ? its not a question – it’s an answer. Looks strange.