“It’s Like the Harvard Business Review – on Innovation Management”

To start a new business magazine can be a daunting experience. Against that backdrop, we have been quite overwhelmed by all the positive feedback we have received, both from readers and distributors. The comment above was one of many positive voices. Needless to say, this is very encouraging. Both the design and the content seem to be really appreciated.

Here are more comments:

“New PRINT innovation management magazine – so counter-trend it’s innovative.”

“The 68-page magazine is packed with ideas, strategies and innovations, presented in a colorful, engaging format. What’s refreshing is that the publisher has searched far and wide to find new voices of innovation, not the same old faces and names we’re all used to seeing in innovation blogs and on leading websites. The Hard Copy will be distributed worldwide, including 750 Barnes & Noble bookstores in the States – a major coup for a new magazine on any topic, much less innovation!”

The second issue of IM The Hard Copy, brings you new and deeper insights into alternative techniques on how to better target the needs of your customers, and how to use ideas from complex adaptive systems theory. In this issue, we are also happy to share the experiences of Chris Thoen and Amy Radin, two highly experienced innovation management professionals. We are also launching a new section, Talking Points, to provide you with a forum for debate, talking points and discussion about your profession.

This print magazine will be our flagship. Print is still the best format for reading longer and more in- depth articles.  At the online magazine,  www.innovationmanagement.se, you can search our library of more than 2,000 articles and also meet with your peers, share experiences and get inspired.

If you haven’t already signed up for a subscription, I hope you will take the opportunity to do so.

Karin Wall, Chief Editor