IM Inside – Welcome to a New Way of Increasing the Innovation Capabilities Your Company Needs

Innovation Management now launches a new service for enterprises. After more than two years of talking with you and sharing your experiences from around the world we’ve devised an enterprise information and capability development platform that will help you deepen and accelerate your company’s innovation potential. We are calling it IM Inside - Innovation Management Inside the Enterprise.

IM Inside has a number of exciting components that you can pick and choose from. It gives you access to our ever growing library of professional capability-building literature – the Applied Innovation Management™ -articles and tools. These now come as a standard part of the IM Inside subscription, though if you are not a subscriber you may still want to buy them individually.

IM Inside also allows you to take all of the website content and run this through your Intranet. You have three options for doing so which we will come onto later. What are the benefits?

1. The most valuable source of information and career development has established itself as the leading source of practical innovation management experience and know how, globally. It is also the primary source for  debate, talking points and discussion around your profession. We know of no other source that supplies 5+ new articles every week each devoted to a topic that has value for innovation managers in their careers and daily work.

2. Customization

Now you can take this content and customize it to your look and feel as well as select content strands that are particularly useful to you. You can run these through your intranet with no advertising and no distractions, branded as your content.

3. Interaction

You can interact with editors to raise issues about your information requirement through our new IM Council, a member organization that helps us define the content you need most.

4. Cost

The cost of IM Inside is only 10 USD per employee per year (when choosing a 1.000 user’s license) making it one of the most cost effective learning opportunities your company can find anywhere.

5. Growing number of services

IM Inside members can look forward to a growing number of content services as well as training services as we roll the service out and learn more about your needs.

Training and executive development – your IM online academy

IM Inside will be extending its services to training and executive development over the course of the next 12 months. These services are designed to optimize your time use. They will be led by leading faculty and experts and they will be online, saving you time and money while opening up new vistas for professional development. IM Academy courses are charged on a per course basis.

We are proud and excited to serve the innovation community. Our public website is growing its reader base at 5% per week, an illustration that more managers are focused on their professional development and experience. IM Inside is a cost effective way of helping you do this – sharing experience across your organization or with innovation specialists internally.

We hope you will join us in what will be the best environment to develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities of you and your organization.

Three different ways to get IM Inside

You can get IM Inside as an XML Feed, an iFrame Widget solution or as a simple cut and paste. All three options allow you to filter content so that you get exactly what you need. And don’t forget that subscribing also gives you access to our IM Council and the opportunity to steer the development of our content programme.

By Karin Wall, Chief Editor

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