Open Innovation Culture Change

Frank Mattes, InnovationManagement contributing editor, gives a presentation on Open Innovation Culture Change at the BOF EMEA 2010. Find out more about his ideas with respect to the leaders of the future, what kind of characteristics they'll have and how companies can strive for an open culture.
  • Paul Hobcraft

    We are certainly on the ‘cusp’ of change in managing people, managing networks, managing relationships. We do need a rethink of management and their changing role to becoming more coordinators and seek more dynamic linking.
    Recently I read a view from Steve Denning suggesting five basic tenets for shifting practices to change cultures
    1. Shift more from inside-out to outside-in (the open paradigm you speak off)
    2. The shift of managers roles from controller to enable
    3. Breaking down hierarchy to more of this dynamic linking through focused coordination
    4. A real shift from a value to values- not just economic value but greater sociiety contributional values
    5. Communications- shifting from top down communications to adult-to-adult, expert-to-expert conversations that mutually resepct and seek common identification.
    According to Denning these five are interdependent.

    Leading change to ‘allow’ innovation and ideas to flow needs a cultural change. You are right to question it and seek out the future solutions.